Thursday, February 26, 2009

Go, Diego, Go!


We get 2 tv channels.  PBS and NBC.  I think we got cable once in our married life.  We did the 1 month - maybe it was 3 - introductory rate and then canceled it.  I really don't miss having all those channels.  Truth be told, if we had cable or satellite, I'd watch way too much tv.  I enjoy being able to get the news and a couple of my favorite shows, namely this and this.  I know that if Noah is watching tv, which is rare, (he prefers his Signing Time and Baby Einsteins to tv) he is watching wholesome shows that are geared towards learning.  That being said, we have found which allows you to watch some shows on their site.  Noah has enjoyed watching Diego every once in awhile.  In this video, he is singing the theme song.  Man, he is cute.  Oh, and that sticker on his head is the norm lately...  Whatever.

4 friends stopped by:

Michelle said...

I love this.

Allison said...

That is way fun!! You should check out and mickey mouse clubhouse. Abby and Dylan totally love them!

Mommydew said...

hehe, he is so cute!

Diane said...

This made me smile!!! I love Noah...and I might just put a sticker on my head today in his honor.

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