Thursday, February 26, 2009

We like Valentine's Day.  This past Valentine's day marked 4 years since Ammon proposed to me.  :)  I have loved being with him.  We didn't really have a courtship... The very short version is, we met.  He fell in love.  I did not.  He persisted.  I fell hard.  We "dated" for a month before he proposed.  5 months later, we were married.  Life with Ammon is wonderfully happy.  We live for eachother and our family.  On Valentine's Day, we were still sick but weren't going to let that ruin things for us.  My parents had given Ammon a Chili's gift card as part of his birthday present.  He saved it for this day.  Will and Ginger watched the boys while we went out for dinner.  Ammon got ribs which he hasn't had in SO long.  They're too expensive for us to get regularly.  I got what I always get from Chili's.  Chicken Club Tacos.  We had a great time people watching, reminiscing about our time together and being without kids.  After dinner, Ammon took me to Goody's.  They are going out of business and everything was 60%-80% off.  He picked out an awesome ring for me and had me pick out a handful of jewelry and headbands.  Thanks sweetie!!  For Valentine's Day, I made us a gift.  

I made a "love notes" book.  I wrote on the inside that I wanted it to be a place where we could write little notes to one another.  Maybe to say thank you or to share our feelings about how much we love and appreciate eachother.  Maybe we will recall a look, a moment or a touch.  Once one of us writes in the book, we will leave it open so the other knows there is an unread note.  I am so excited to fill this book!

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Diane said...

Jess...I've been wanting to see this ever since you told me about it!
It's even CUTER than you described. And what a treasure that will be as the years go by. What a terrific idea, Jess. LOVE IT....and YOU!

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