Monday, March 9, 2009

How to become a DIRTY DIRTY boy

First go outside with Gigi.  Walk all around the farm.  Cross the creek, throw rocks in the creek.  Walk through the Christmas trees and jump off stumps.  Make sure to hop in all the holes where the trees have been uprooted.

After about an hour and a half, head over to the sandbox.  It is important to roll all around in it to achieve the dirtiest look.  

Find some of the last traces of snow and mix it with sand.  This ensures a nice wet sand that is sure to be a killer for your mom to try and get out of your clothes.

See?  I told ya.  Nice wet sand.

See if you can find some water where the snow has melted.  Did you find it?


Now, dig your hands in and make some mud!

Be sure to wipe some on your forehead.  It's what the cool kids do...

Oh yeah, and in your hair as well.

Once you're good and muddy, find a trench of small puddles and run back and forth through it about um... 63 times.

Keep running!  And don't forget to step in every little puddle along the way.

If your pap wants to run with you, that's ok.  But since he missed out on the previous steps, he won't be as dirty as you.

Whatever you do, keep running!

The last thing you need to do is to have your pap teach you how to make a snowball.  Take it over to the car, and throw it as hard as you can.  This doesn't really help in the "getting dirty" process but, it sure was fun, right?

There ya go!  You're about as dirty as you can get.  Good job!  Now, this part is important.  Do not go inside the house looking like a mud monster.  The mess needs to stay outside to keep all adults happy.  Strip your clothes on the front porch, let your gigi pick you up and finally, get into the nice warm bubble bath.  'Til next time!

3 friends stopped by:

Mommydew said...

Sounds like a perfect recipe!

meg said...

haha. this is cute.

Diane said...

just about the coolest post I've ever seen. And I wish I had been right there...getting dirty right along with him.

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