Saturday, March 7, 2009

Snow Day!

Last Monday, the Triad area as well as the mountain communities got 6+ inches of snow dumped on them!  Now, we are right in the middle of the two and what did we get?  1 inch.  That's it.  How that happened, I'm not sure.  We were bummed, to say the least.  We decided to head up to the mountains that afternoon after the roads got a little better.  Noah doesn't have any snow clothes so we bundled him in MANY layers.  This kid was wearing 4 pairs of pants!

Griffin stayed in the truck with Pap.  It was incredibly cold outside.  13 degrees!  He enjoyed watching everyone.

Ammon's turn to go down the hill!  Go Daddy!

It was so bright outside so it's kinda hard to tell in this picture but, they had quite the drift right here.

Noah and Daddy going down the small hill together.

Despite the look on Noah's face, he had fun sledding.

After I snapped a couple quick pics, Griffin and I came inside.  I wasn't wearing a hat, gloves or even a coat!  Brrr!  Griffin loves this piano.  It has been a favorite among all the grandkids thus far.

After a couple hours spent inside getting warm, Pap and Noah decided to brave the cold one more time.  Pap said they walked down to the shop, turned the heat on for a couple minutes and then walked back.  Seriously, it was bitter cold!

We had a fun snow day!  Maybe next year we'll get another snow storm so we can have some more fun.

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Mommydew said...

I love those pictures!

Michelle said...

I agree...I love these pictures also! I think the best one is the last one of Will and Noah. PRICELESS!

Diane said...

These pictures are terrific. It's so great you are capturing memories on camera. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of Griffin. I love how he is looking out the car"ok..I'm ready...take ME!"

fun times!

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