Friday, March 27, 2009

Noah Says:

We were with Ammon and some of his friends tonight.  Most of them are guys but there were 2 girls there, I think.  Noah spots one of the girls and points at her while saying, "I see a girl!  I see a girl!  Look Daddy!  Right there!  I see a girl!  See it?"  Haha.  He totally cracks me up.

While we were still there, Noah walks up to this group of 4 guys that were just standing around talking.  Noah is usually VERY polite and always says "feegit" (excuse me) but apparently not when he's hanging with the guys... So he walks up to them, stands there for a couple seconds and then looks at them and says, "I fart."  This was their first time meeting Noah and they about lost it.  Hilarious!  Stories like these happen every single day.  He is one funny dude.


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Ken said...

Noah is definitely a "guy's guy." The Keller boys can't wait to hang with him sometime soon....

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