Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sleep Training Day Two. And Three.

Oh. My. Goodness.  Griffin is really doing great with our new adventure.  His first night he cried and I had to go in there 3 times to pat his back for a little while.  But, guess what?!  When he fell asleep (on his own!), he proceeded to sleep for 11 hours straight!  Woo-hoo little man!  I could not believe it.  Sleep trained in 1 day?!  Apparently so.  The next day he only cried a little for his nap.  And when it was time to turn in for the night, no crying at all!!  He did wake up once during the night but, I went in to pat him for a minute and we didn't hear from him again til this morning.  The same thing happened today.  For his nap, Ammon went in once to pat his back before he fell asleep.  Then tonight, no crying again!  I am so proud of him and I'm so excited to be getting a little more sleep!!  8 months without really sleeping is long enough.  I love you Griffin.  You make me smile.  You make my heart melt.  You bring joy and meaning to my life.

2 friends stopped by:

Diane said...

I love reading your blog, sweetie. It will be such a treasure for you. And I'm so glad my girl is going to get a little more sleep.
love you! and yay for griffin!

Michelle said...

Good job on being so persistent. It can be hard but the pay off is sooooooooooooooooooo worth it. Love and miss you, girlie!

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