Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Trip to VA

While Ammon was away on business last week, my babies and I traveled to Virginia to visit my family for almost a week!  We had so much fun.  I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked...  I missed some great shots of the boys with their Nana and Poppy.  :(  Oh well, I did get a couple pictures, and we'll have the memory of having such a great time.  While there, Mom and I went to the Green Valley Book Fair.  I didn't buy as much as I usually do.  Just a fun little cookbook, an I Spy book for Ammon and Noah to read together and a Peanut Butter and Jelly cookbook set.  We went shopping at Ross and Mom took Megan and I to get manicures and our eyebrows shaped.  I had to be talked into that one.  I've never gotten it done because I do not do well with pain.  And although it hurt a little, it was tolerable and I like the results.  Thanks Mom!  We of course visited el Charro for dinner one night.  Yum!  Noah totally remembered everyone and did really well with the visit.  He loved having Nana and Poppy there as well as Megan and Josh.  Noah adjusted very well to his "new room" and "new bed".  When Griffin needed to go to sleep, Mom rocked him just about every time.  (this was pre-sleep training)  I wish Ammon could have come but, I enjoyed the vacation and the help with the boys. 

Part of his nightly routine.  Brush teeth.  Then it's Noah's turn to say a prayer.  Then he gets to pick who's turn it was to say a prayer that he repeated.  When Nana and Poppy would put him to bed, it was Noah's turn, Poppy's turn, then Nana's turn.  Turn on the fan.  Crawl into bed with blue blanket.  Night night. 

Griffin and I had the guest bedroom.  He was sick while we were there but still so sweet and so happy.  He is so yummy...

Picking flowers with Nana's help.

We were able to go to church and it was nice seeing everyone again.  Noah did great in nursery.  The first thing he said when Josh picked him up from class was, "Mommy!  I had fun at church!"  I'm so glad, buddy.  Sometimes I get nervous about him being in new places without me.  Griffin was sleepy and Nana was able to hold him and keep him happy for me.

Taking some pictures after church.  Not a good picture of me but look how cute my babies are!!

Mom got Noah this Thomas movie.  He loved it and would always ask Poppy to go turn it on for him.  Well, either Thomas or Signing Time.  Noah had fun teaching Nana and Poppy how to sign and made sure that they did it correctly.  :)  Poppy's favorite was to sign I love you and then Noah would say, "I love you too".

Oh ok.  So anyway, Noah got really into his Thomas movie.  Right here he's saying, "Oh no!  What happened, Thomas?"  And at this time, Megan, Poppy and I think Josh were all just sitting around watching Thomas.  Cute.

Megan and Noah watching Thomas.

I'm not sure. 

My little baby, who is not so little anymore!

Beautiful baby boy.

These last pictures were all taken at the Harrisonburg Children's Museum.  Mom was able to take Tuesday off of work and we spent some time here.  Noah loved the train tables and spent a good chunk of the time there.

He painted a picture.

Nana taught Griffin all about puzzles.

Noah did some gardening.  He was trying to bury this pumpkin in dirt.

Griffin and I did a puppet show.  Well, not really.  Just posing for a picture.

This kid can down some puffs.

Noah and Nana picked some apples off the apple tree.  (cute idea, huh?)

This made me laugh.  Noah went over to the art station and picked out a green piece of construction paper.  He picked out a blue feather and stuck it on with a blue piece of tape.  Then he got a single blue sequin and we glued that on.  Apparently that was enough.  His masterpiece was sad looking.

Noah and I doing a puppet show.  The dinosaur and the bird.

We had a fantastic time.  We missed Ammon and we're glad to be home but the trip was a nice escape.  We'll definitely go again.  Soon.

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Amy Ziehl said...

I cannot believe how much Griffin looks like you Jess! So cute!

The Katzbox said...

These are adorable, honey...absolutely adorable. I would have loved to have tagged along...what fun!!! Your family is so beautiful...

tenorios said...

jessie? tabby's best friend jessie?
p.s im her cousin and we met few times. i just saw you comment on amy's blog.. and of course.. i blog stalked you. and i saw your pics and realized that it was you!! haha.. craziness.. i cant believe you have 2 kids! craziness. your family is beautiful.

jubilant jess Ü said...

thanks deb! if you ever venture out to the 'burg, i would love to take you along on some crazy book fair, children's museum outings! :)

and hi sasha! i'm so glad you blog stalked me! congrats on all the happenings in your life! you are beautiful and it's been fun reading your blog. do you mind if i add you to my blog list?

gingerpiatt said...

It is so nice to see your mother and family I feel like I can be there too, thanks Jess

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