Saturday, March 14, 2009

Temple Trip #3

We made the trip down to the Raleigh temple again today!  :)  It's our goal to go at least once a month this year.  Ammon and I love going to the temple together.  I am so grateful that he is able to take me there...  Will and Ginger took the boys to the planetarium on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill while we were in the temple.  They said that the boys were good and had a lot of fun.  Noah loved watching a movie on the ceiling and Griffin, well... Griffin slept on Pap's shoulder.  We met up and headed over to Qdoba for lunch.  When we sat down Noah said, "Mommy, I want chicken and fries... in 5 minutes."  Oh man, that kid absolutely cracks me up.  Like last night.  I got him out of the bath and for some reason we were standing there watching the water drain.  Anyway, Noah said, "Bye-bye water.  See ya later.  Have a good day!  The end."  :)  It's been such a long day but I'm so grateful to have a temple closeby so we can attend regularly.

Noah just locked himself in his room and then couldn't unlock the door to get back out.  You may remember this happening in the past... when he locked me out of the house while he and Griffin were the only ones inside.  Pap had to drive down the mountain to rescue us.  Back to tonight - Noah was knocking on his door and when I got there, I tried to talk him through unlocking the door.  He wasn't getting it.   I went downstairs and got a paperclip and a bobby pin.  Neither one of those was working so I called Ammon, (he's out with the guys tonight) and told him what was going on.  He told me to get a nail and stick it right in the middle and it should push a button that will unlock the door.  I tried and tried and that didn't work.  Apparently we don't have that kind of doorknobs.  By this time, Noah was getting a little anxious.  I called Ammon back and his ideas were to either kick the door in or have Noah pull the pins out of the hinges... yeah right, like that was going to happen.  I told him I was going to take the doorknob off and I'd call him back.  The doorknob came off but it was still locked and I could not get it to open.  Noah was wearing underwear and of course I hear him say, "Oh no!  I peed!  Sorry dude."  Thank goodness for hardwood floors.  Noah turned on his tv and dvd player and started to watch Baby Einstein.  I called Ammon again and he said that he would come home and get Noah out.  I kept trying after we got off the phone and finally got in with a credit card...  Shew!  What a crazy night.  I decided while putting the doorknob back on to put the lock on the outside so we can avoid this problem in the future.  He definitely keeps me on my toes.  You never know what this kid is going to say or do.

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