Friday, April 3, 2009

Are you kidding me?!

Griffin is down for the night.  I got Noah all set up in his room watching Lady and the Tramp and I settled into my bed to do a little research.  I'm looking for a new duvet cover for my down comforter.  Things were good.  All of a sudden Noah runs in with the biggest smile and the brightest eyes I've ever seen.  He says, "Look Mommy!  I did it" while shaking his foot in the air.  I catch a glimpse of something on his toes and immediately my mind starts racing.  What is that on his toes?  I know he doesn't know where I keep my nail polish.  And even if he found it, there's no way he could open it, right?  Turns out, I was wrong.  He did find my stash and he did open it.  I couldn't get mad at him.  He was so proud and I've never told him that he couldn't paint his nails by himself.  I kept my cool as we walked into his room where the handiwork took place.  He did get a little on the wood floor but, it's ok.  He could barely contain himself when I suggested we take a picture.  He did a pretty good job and now he knows that he needs to ask for help.  So many fun moments come along with motherhood.  

I like it.

(the stamps are from gymnastics)

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The Deckers said...

ok this is hilarious!

The Katzbox said...

Bravo Mom! You handled that perfectly...simply perfectly...and you can display that photo at his wedding's the perfect revenge.... :)

Proud of you honey....

Diane said...

My grandson is an artist!! Two years old and he does that well???? I think that is amazing.
The only thing better is how you handled it. LOVE YOU!

Michelle said...

He did really well, Jess. I am impressed!

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