Friday, May 22, 2009

Gold Medal Day Practice

Noah's gymnastics class is having a Gold Medal Day next Saturday.  They spent yesterday's class practicing for it and Noah was cracking me up the whole time.  He is such a happy guy.  Miss Holly told him to stand on his spot but he was feeling the music too much... he just couldn't do it.  The other kids kept telling him to stay on his spot too but he wasn't having it... Maybe things will go better next week?

This next clip is where he's practicing actually getting his medal.  He totally falls while he's climbing up.  You might be able to see it in the mirror behind him.  (you can also see his daddy laughing)  This kid is too much... so funny!  I'll post the real deal next week.

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Diane said...

So Laurie, Michelle and I are all in Laurie's bedroom and we watched this like three times...and laughed each time. We LOVE how he shakes his head, and also how he is after he gets his medal.

Diane said...

I just watched this again three times....just because of the deep down smile it gives me.
I love you, Noah.
Keep dancing, through your whole life. And do it your way. Don't let anyone tell you that you have to stay on one spot.

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