Monday, May 18, 2009

Go Red Team!

Tonight we rocked the sidelines at Renfro's basketball tournament.  Ammon played hard and it was fun to watch him be competitive again.  I used to see that side of him all the time during soccer season.  Although basketball isn't his game, I think he had a good time.  : )

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Diane said...

LOVE these pics. What an adorable family. Jessie, your hair is so cute braided. Reminds me of when I used to fix it when you were little. You loved braided hair.
Seriously, so cute. You are great with the camera timer, too!!!!
Seriously, this collage is perfect.

meg said...

ya'll are a vision in red.

i think i stole that hoodie of yours for a good while back in the day. (fun fact: when people say back in the day, they are talking about a wednesday)

much much love to the four of you!

Michelle said...

Megan is so funny! These are fun pictures, Jess and your hair looks adorable. You look so young :) Miss you...

Jessica said...

Megan - you totally crack me up. A lot. And yep, you did steal this hoodie one Wednesday back in the day. : ) (redundant?)

Laurie said...

Ok! SO ADORABLE!! These are some awesome pictures! And Meggie- you make me laugh!! Miss you Jess!! I want to come visit! LOve ya!!

Diane said...

Awww......all four of my girls talkin' it up together on Jessie's blog.
I LOVE TECHNOLOGY when it brings my family together.
(and each one of you is my favorite)

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