Sunday, June 21, 2009

on the menu...

Right now I'm sitting here waiting for Ammon to finish a chapter of New Moon so that we can go to bed. I just finished planning this week's meals and making my grocery list for tomorrow. Since I have some time on my hands tonight, I'll share with you this week's menu.

Monday - Hot Hoagies

These are all new recipes to me. I enjoy cooking and trying new things. Hopefully I've found some keepers. If I do, I'll post them on the recipe blog.

Have a good night. And a Happy Monday! : )

4 friends stopped by:

meg said...

i want to be at your house wednesday.

Jessica said...

do it! it could be your birthday dinner! : )

Beck said...

We do the same thing here! It makes figuring out what to eat so much easier. :) And you gotta tell me how the Mandarin Chicken comes out. :)

Diane said...

Oh, wouldn't it be SOOOOO fun to be at Jessie's house on Wednesday. Birthday dinner for Meggie.
I miss my girls like crazy. Like pit in my stomach and it actually hurts..crazy.
Sounds like good eatin' this week at your house, Jess.

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