Sunday, June 7, 2009

Parade of Parks...

We like parks.  They're free.  We like free stuff.  We like being outside.  Parks are outside.  

We like picnics.  Picnics and parks go hand in hand.

We like soccer.  Parks are a good place to master your skills.

We like watching Daddy's tricks.  Anywhere will do.  But parks make a pretty background.

We like eachother.  Anytime.  Anywhere.

And so do we.

We like milk.  You have to bring your own when going to a park... Parks only have water.  So why not drink water?

Because milk makes us fat & we like baby chubs.

We like being strong.

Parks have cool places to strengthen muscles.

Daddy likes parks.  He can add another random handstand to the pile.

Noah likes to be like his Daddy.

We like wildlife.  Parks sometimes have wildlife.

We like swings.  Any good park has swings.

But what we love most about parks.... It brings us together.

As family.

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The Deckers said...

This is such a cute post, and I haven't seen your new haircut since you cut it! Love it!

Mommydew said...

I absolutely love this post!

meg said...

oh. my. gosh. this post/these pics are so precious. why am i such a sap? i started tearing up when i read this... i think i get it from dad.

i love you guys so much!

Jessica said...

aw meg. i miss you!! when do you come home?

drewandsteph said...

jess..such a cute post! i can't believe how big the boys are! btw..i love your hair!

Diane said...

I have shown this post to EVERYONE....several times!

I love it....and each one of you!

And I agree, parks and family are a super combo.

Kelly said...

Mom showed this to me. It is so cute! Wish I was there to share in the fun!
Great pictures.

Michelle said...

Your hair is adorable, Jess. And this post could win an award. You are so creative and I love stealing your ideas! :) That's what sisters are for, right?

Jessica said...

Dad commented on my blog! : )

Old Man With a radio transmitter in his car said...

Just ask Dubby: We love parks, too! When I was in grad school, parks were all we could afford. Just walking from our house to the park was great fun: holding hands all together, and it's even better if your park has a pond where you can throw in leftover bread pieces for the fishies and the duckies! Parks are super! And so is family time. My kids will remember their park trips to the end of their days...maybe longer.

Emmy Slusser said...

This was a PERFECT post. Perfect.

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