Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Free Photoshop Class!!

Ok. It's no shock that I enjoy photography. I love to look through my lens and imagine the perfect images I'm capturing. I love to photograph my children and sometimes I get really great shots. I loved this picture of Griffin. I really thought it was great. And it is. I still like it. But I started this free photoshop class over at and check it out!

I was able to tranform this.

into this!

I love the soft antiquey look. And the frame?! It's going to be hard not to use that on ALL my photos. LOVE IT! Did I mention that the class is F-R-E-E?? If you have photoshop, you need to take this class. I've learned so much!

2 friends stopped by:

Michelle said...

I love it! It looks just as good as those professional pics you see. Great job! Can I send you a few to work on?

Diane said...

so cool!!!
this looks great!!
(of course, it looked great before, you can't go wrong with griffin)
But how fun!
and I like the "Jessie". so cute!

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