Saturday, September 19, 2009

Little Grasshopper

The other day, I took the boys to playgroup at the church and when we were done, Noah kept saying that he needed to find Daddy. This was right at noon so I knew that Ammon was probably headed to Cookout for some lunch. The man is a creature of habit. McDonald's Monday - Thursday and Cookout on Friday. I headed towards Ammon's work hoping to see him along the way and we did. We found Daddy! Noah said that he needed to eat lunch with Daddy so we all headed to Cookout. We found a table and Noah took his floppers off. He was enjoying his lunch which consisted of this:

Yep, dragging his finger through the ketchup and licking it off. Lovely... All of a sudden he starts giggling and saying, "a bug is on my foot!" over and over.

This grasshopper landed on his foot and stayed there for quite a while. Noah thought this was awesome and was excited that I got a picture of it.

My adorable 2nd son... He is amazing.

'nuf said!

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Diane said...

Adorable pics of Griffin. Just adorable. I've looked at this a number of times, but usually at work during a break, and most the time the comments part doesn't work at the office.
BUT...I wanted to tell you that I am amazed by your pic of the grasshopper on Noah's foot! If you click on that picture, it is unbelievable! Look at those eyes! National Geographic...that is MY daughter!

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