Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Down time

The boys are in bed. Thank goodness! Griffin refused his morning nap so he was definitely ready when lunch time rolled around. Noah was GREAT this morning but as we got closer to lunch time, he got more and more whiny. Whiny days are hard and really exhaust me. It's nice to have a quiet moment to myself... I'm hoping they both take 3 hour naps. Ha!

I'm printing out some Joy School stuff right now and I'm really excited about using this program to teach my young children. You can research it here. It's really a great curriculum and Noah is so excited about doing "school". I finished the calendar today and Noah loved putting the date up. Next on my list is the weather chart.

Tomorrow, we are going to the circus with Gigi! I can't remember the last time I went to a circus... Actually, I can't remember EVER going to the circus. Maybe this is my first time? Mom? Noah is thrilled that he might get to see elephants, tigers and lions. He also put in a request to see little lizards... I sure hope not but hey, it's the circus! You never know what might happen.

Then later this week, the boys and I are heading up to VA to visit with my family! My brother and his family will be there for part of the time too. It will be great to spend some time with them. Mom and I have made some fun plans. Noah has been talking about seeing Poppy and Sloopy (the dog) for a week now! Maybe our new calendar will help him realize how many days are left until we get to go. We'll miss Ammon while we're away but, he's in a tournament Friday and Saturday. He won't have lots of time to miss us. I just hope he eats while we're away. If I don't cook for him, he doesn't eat. Boys are weird.

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Mommydew said...

I miss those days when my kids would nap. I have to force Kieralee to take a nap and Lathen won't even if I try and make him. He just isn't tired, but at least he'll sit quietly in his room for a bit if I ask him to.

And maybe you could do like grandma use to, make meals and freeze them so all Ammon has to do is bring out the one labeled for that day and heat it up!

Ammon said...

Heat it up??? Lets not get carried away now. You might want to make something I can eat cold.

Jessica said...

Haha. Told ya! :)

Jamie J Stansfield said...

Hey Jess! I checked out the Joyschool page. Looks pretty fabulous and may be exactly what I need. I am just not that creative on my own but I know Liberty especially is itching to learn! Are you doing this with just your own kiddos or are you doing this with some other little 3 yr olds?

Jessica said...

Hey Jamie! The program is set up to be a co-op preschool with other children (the moms take turns teaching). All of Noah's 3 year old friends are already in a public preschool and the program is not designed for his younger friends so, right now it's just us. I wish you lived closer! You and I could start it up! The program walks you through every single thing so it makes it VERY easy. If you can, you should definitely read Teaching Children Joy by the Eyre's. It's fantastic and is the basis of this curriculum. I read it right after Noah was born and couldn't wait til he turned 3 so we could start doing Joy School. : )

Laurie said...

ok I am jealous!! I wanna come visit. i never get to chat with you anymore!! Love you!! You are such a good Momma!!

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