Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big Boys

Ammon keeps asking me if I'm EVER going to blog again. I don't know why I've been in such a blog rut lately. I want to blog. I really enjoy documenting bits and pieces of our beautiful life. It's especially fun to go back and read previous posts. It's amazing how easily I can forget little things my kids say and do. I'll do better, dear husband. I will.

A little over a week ago, we were cleaning Noah's room. The whole family was there and we were all helping out. We have wood floors throughout the house and things get pushed under furniture so easily. Ammon pulled out the trundle to clean under it. There were so many blocks and cars under there, he had to resort to a broom to get it all out. Anyway, Griffin LOVED the trundle. He kept laying on it and snuggling right in. Ammon suggested we let him graduate from his crib (in his own room) to the trundle. I was hesitant. Ammon was persuasive. The first night went ok. Griffin climbed up on Noah's bed and banged on the walls for awhile (happily). He and Noah talked and laughed for an hour and a half. We went to check on them after hings got quiet.

Griffin was back on the trundle and Noah was exactly where we left him, tucked in his bed.
The next day I asked Noah "How did you like having Griffin sleep in your room?"
"It was good. But, he keeps wanting to get on my bed and talk to me."
"Oh yeah? What did you do?"
"I didn't talk to him. I just pet him on the head."
"You pet him on the head? How?"
Then he rubbed his hand so gently across my hair over and over. It made my heart melt to realize how well he takes care of his little brother.

Here's how they were the second night we went in and checked on them. I like to think that Noah put Griffin to sleep by petting him on the head.
: )

And here's the 3rd night.

They're doing really well adjusting to the change. Well, mostly. Griffin likes to get up after we put him in bed. He gets up on Noah's bed. He turns the light on. He bangs on the wall, and the door. He cries. Sometimes he makes it back to his bed. And sometimes I have to scoop him off the floor in the middle of the night to tuck him back in his bed. Maybe with a little more time, this won't be an issue... We'll see. Noah has been extremely understanding. Even though Griffin wakes him up much earlier than he would like, he still is happy to share a room with his brother. And since they're now sharing a room, we've changed things up in this house. Griffin's room is now the boys' bedroom. And Noah's room is now a playroom! I am so excited about this change. I always hated that Noah's room doubled as a playroom. No more toys in the bedroom. No more tv in the bedroom. No more MESS in the bedroom. All they have is their beds, their clothes, and a couple books. It's refreshing to have a place designated for sleeping, and nothing else. I'll get pictures of the switch soon.

2 friends stopped by:

Beck said...

Too cute! You're so lucky you can put them in there both awake together. If Leo makes a small peep she yells "Leo's awake! Mommy! Daddy! Leo's awake!" Frustrating...maybe in a few months it'll be better like your boys. :)

Kathryn said...

Those are the sweetest pictures! I'm glad the change is going fairly well.

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