Thursday, April 22, 2010

Letter Sounds

I've been working really hard with Noah lately on his letter sounds. Cortney suggested I get Leap Frog's Letter Factory DVD. I got it at Target for $10 and put it in the car dvd player. I usually don't let the kids watch movies in the car if we're just running errands around town. Only on long trips but with this dvd, I turned it on every time we got in the car. I figured they were stuck in their seats and had to hear it. Then throughout the day, I would quiz Noah on his letter sounds. He picked them up SO quickly!

And here's what Griffin has learned so far. Adorable...

2 friends stopped by:

Allison said...

I love the Leap Frog videos! We have them all and my kids just love them and want to watch them over and over and over. Have fun!

Cortney said...

I'm glad you've enjoyed! So CUTE! (the kids of course)

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