Thursday, April 22, 2010

Train Expo

Gigi got word that there was a train expo going on a few weekends ago. We weren't sure what to expect but knew that we couldn't pass up a chance to let Noah see some trains. When we first got there, we happened upon this elaborate train set up with multiple tracks, multiple trains and all sorts of interactive city scenes and landscapes. Noah stood up on a metal folding chair and was in a trance. Trains are serious business to him. This was his expression the entire time we were there.

He hardly said 2 words. He wasn't interested in pushing all the different buttons to make the city scenes and landscapes do their thing.

He just wanted to stand on this chair and watch the trains. There was a Thomas train that he could "drive" but he didn't care.

This was the place for him.

Griffin enjoyed driving the Thomas train, though.

Here's what Noah did... He tuned everything else out, including me.

These are some of the things found around the track. A city fair.

A playground. When you push the button, everything moved. It was really cool.

A little target practice. The ducks actually fell over. Cute!

This was my favorite though. A drive-in movie. And what was the main feature? ME!! : )

Noah had a great time and asks me all the time if we can go back to the train expo. I guess we'll make the trip again next year.

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