Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sister Week

We're in GA for the week!  It just kind of worked out for all of the Hebdon sisters to get together.  : )  We're missing Steph, Drew's wife, but really enjoying our time together.  The boys are having a blast and are getting along really well.  From left to right we have Griffin, Noah, Tate, and Toby.  

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Diane said...

I have so many snuggles, tickles and hugs ready to give these little guys. I am the most blessed Nana in the world. I get to love on eight of the cutest, sweetest little people on the planet.
I'm so glad these guys got some time together.

Diane said...

by the way...this picture is my desktop picture at work.
I find myself minimizing my work, just to peek at it again....all the time.

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