Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Cavity Club!!

Noah had his first trip to the dentist's office last month.  He did wonderful.  I used to work in a dental office and actually got to do the child appointments so I knew what to tell him to expect.  He was very well behaved and the hygienist was very understanding when I told her that I wanted to take pictures.  : )  Hey, it's just who I am, ok?  I love pictures.  

Getting his 20 teeth polished.

Griffin was so fascinated and watched the entire time from his Daddy's arms.

No cavities!

Checking out his super clean teeth.  He's growing up so fast and I love the person he's becoming.  My oldest baby...

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Diane said...

I love this post - have looked at it often. It's time I comment on it. Precious pictures. I wish I had pictures of you guys at the dentist. I do of Josh - and YOU are the dental assistant! One of my favorite pictures ever!
Love you!

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