Thursday, March 17, 2011

And another one

These are just some fun pictures from our busy lives.

Jessica looking beautiful.

And still beautiful with her new hair cut.

The boys got hair cuts too.

Noah loves video games. Notice the angry bird sitting next to him. :-)

Megen is now on her mission!

Noah is saving for his mission.

Life is good.

2 friends stopped by:

The Deckers said...

Thanks for the update Ammon, Jess will never include photos of herself and I LOVE them...

Diane said...

Ammon, these are great!!! Thanks!
I agree with Corey....I love seeing pictures of Jessie. I love the one where you can see the back of her hair in the mirror. Oh....and it was SOOO great having you and Jess with us when we took Meg to the temple. What a great day. And fun times at Olive Garden, too, and the whole weekend. Great times.

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