Friday, May 27, 2011

The best kind of math lesson...

You guys probably all know that we live in Mayberry.  Yep.  Andy Griffith grew up here and the Andy Griffith Show was based off of this town.  All the characters are based off of real people in Andy's life.  Anyway, this is our town's claim to fame.  We have tourists coming through all the time to visit all the "historical sites".  We've never gotten into the whole hoopla.  Never gone on the guided squad car tour.  Never gone to Snappy's lunch or Opie's Candy Store.  Until Wednesday.  Wednesday I decided to take the boys here.

The place is full of candy.  You can fill a bag for $5.50/pound.  I showed Noah and Griffin how to work the scale.  I told them that they could fill the bag until it weighed 16 ounces.  They had a blast going around collecting candy and then running to the scale only to find out that they could get MORE candy.  It was a good math lesson.

Despite how they look in this picture, they had a ton of fun!  They ask to go back multiple times a day.  :)

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Michelle said...

You are such a good mommy. That sounds like a fun field trip, Jess.

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