Friday, May 27, 2011

Zoo with friends!

On Tuesday, we were able to go to the zoo with Cortney and her children.  Cortney and I are just starting to do more things together and I love it!  It's been a lot of fun getting to know her and her family better.  Cortney and I married cousins, Ammon and Josh.  She is a lot of fun to be around and is such a good mommy.  I learn a lot just by watching her do her thing.  : )

The zoo was tons of fun.  We got to see quite a few unusual things.  For one, we got to see the alligators being fed.  I know that the ones in the zoo are mostly tame because they've been trained but, have you seen the show, Swamp People??  My sister, Michelle got me hooked on it and seriously... you would not catch me in an alligator habitat with a stick in one hand and raw meat in the other.  Scary!  We also saw a turtle eating a frog and a snake eating a mouse.  Here are some pictures from our day!

From left to right:
Raelyn, Gracen, Morgan's head, Jack, Griffin's arm, and Noah
(not pictured is Everett)

Here they are watching the puffins.  : )
Jack, Morgan, Noah, Griffin and Raelyn

We made a stop at a super cool park in the middle of the zoo.  Noah and Jack climbed to the top of the spider web!

Griffin and Gracen.

Our zoo membership has gotten quite a bit of use this year.  We used it at the NC Zoo a couple times, Zoo Atlanta, an aquarium, and the Columbus Zoo.  The Columbus Zoo ranks #1 with us so far.   It was so cool!  Plus, that's where I went as a child so... it brings back fun memories for me.  We'll need to renew our membership soon so that we can keep making wonderful memories for our children.

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Diane said... I love the Columbus Zoo. Glad your kids are getting some zoo memories, too!

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