Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family Home Evening

Typically, our Family Home Evenings are… well, typical.  We have a song and a prayer, followed by a lesson and activity.  Then we have a family prayer and do the same thing the next week. 

While playing the bowling app on my phone yesterday, Noah decided that he wanted to go play "bowling ball”.  Since it was Monday and I had made no plans for FHE, Ammon and I decided that we would go bowling together for our FHE.  We got to the bowling alley and they said all the lanes were full.  The Special Olympics were there and were not going to be done for another 2 hours.  Noah was sad, but Ammon told him that he had another plan.

We drove to Mayberry Mall and went to the arcade!


Here Griffin and I are playing Guitar Hero.  Actually, right when Ammon snapped this picture is when Griffin told me that he had to go to the bathroom right then.  It was unfortunate because I was totally ROCKIN’ some Pat Benatar.  We had to abandon our game though and run through the mall to the restrooms.


And who doesn’t love Skee Ball??  It’s one of my very favorite arcade games.


They won lots of tickets on this basketball game.  At one point, both boys were standing on the game while Ammon shot from behind.

With their tickets, they both got slap bracelets.  Remember those?

We had a wonderful time together at our impromptu Family Home Evening.

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