Tuesday, November 29, 2011

O Christmas Tree

The day after Thanksgiving, we went up into the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree.  The boys actually enjoyed it much more than they have in the past because it was much warmer than past years.  They loved running all over the place trying to find the perfect tree.  Noah found one his size.


Griffin saw a chance to photobomb this picture and he took it!  I think we should change his name to “The Photobomber”.  He has photobombed countless pictures.  This is one of the better ones.  :)


These boys make up games wherever they are.  This one involved falling into trees… I guess it’s a boy thing.


We found the one!

Ammon didn’t have to cut it down this year.  The nice farmer did it for us.  Here they are watching it fall to the ground.


And here it it in our living room!  I’m pretty sure some of our ornaments are still in storage somewhere in Gigi’s basement, but I still think it’s beautiful.  I took this picture with my Christmas present from Ammon.  He got me a Nikon D5100 and so far, I love it!  These pictures were taken at night, with the house lights off, and no tripod.  Also, no editing has been done besides cropping.


The boys helped decorate the tree for awhile.  When they pooped out, I finished it.


While decorating,  my family heard me sing 3 songs.


The First Noel


Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (from the Wizard of Oz)


and the only clean verse of a certain song by Green Day that I wish I didn’t know the lyrics to.  You do not want to get inside my head… It’s crazy in here!


Mom gave me this ornament a few years ago.  It’s a picture of me when I was… 3?  Maybe Mom will comment on it because I really don’t know the story behind it.




I accidentally caught myself in the reflection.


Then I became obsessed with capturing myself in the reflection.  :)


If you look very very closely, you can see a little boy in his underwear running away.



Beyond the Christmas boxes in the background, the boys are playing a game.


Then they came to play with me!


It is VERY hard to hold a camera still with two children on you.  Too bad this is blurry…



Look at my forehead!


Here’s another ornament I’ve had since I was a little girl and I don’t know the story behind it either.  I want to say that my Aunt Chris gave it to me, but Mom?  Is that right?


My sister, Michelle, gave me these trees as a gift a few years ago.  I love them so much.  I bought some miniature plastic bulbs last year after Christmas.  They came in such fun colors and patterns.  The boys begged to have the trees in the playroom and so far, we have not had any ornament grenades, bombs, snowballs or whatever else their little boy brains could come up with.

2 friends stopped by:

Ammon said...

It is Noah's responsibility this year to water the tree. He has taken it very seriously. This year's tree has been watered as much already as past trees got the whole Christmas season.

Diane said...

Wow.....where to start on this post...so many TERRIFIC pictures!! LOVE the decorated tree, it's incredible. Love the boys even more. What a fun "game"...falling into fresh Christmas trees - I think I would have played with them!! The pictures of the reflections in the bulbs are so cool!! And I love the closeups of the ornaments! When you come, I would love you to take some pictures of a few of my favorite ornaments. The "Jessie" picture is a picture that was taken at church, that Dad and I loved. We bought that little Hallmark frame to put it in, and it's been one of our favorites every year. It was tough to give that one up, but I'm so glad you have it now. The angel WAS given to us by Aunt Chris - you always wanted to hang it up - you held it so so gingerly. I can just shut my eyes and see my five-year-old Jessie with it right now. So glad you are having such a great holiday season with your little family! LOVE YOU!!!!

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