Friday, November 4, 2011

Love smart

I married a wonderful man.

He makes me feel adored and cherished.  I’ve mentioned on here before that my inlaws take the boys once a month so that Ammon and I can go to the temple.  Since we go to the temple so early on Saturday, it works out better if the boys spend Friday night with Gigi and Pap.  This also allows Ammon and I to have a date night once a month!

I have loved having this time with my husband.  I don’t worry (much) about the kids, because I know that Gigi and Pap love them so much and I’m completely confident in their ability to take care of my babies.

A few weeks ago, we took this opportunity to go to the Dixie Classic Fair.  Ammon grew up going to this fair and I had never been.  It was so fun walking hand in hand with the man that gives me “the feelings”.  He did 15 pull ups at the army booth and won a free water bottle.

He almost won a free tv at the rock climbing wall.  He came from work though and was wearing the wrong type of shoe.  Next year though, that tv will be ours!

C360_2011-10-07 19-33-31

I was just telling him the other day how awesome he is.  The guy is super smart… in all different areas.

He’s tech smart.

Outdoors smart.

Relationship smart.

Handyman smart.

Car smart.

Sports smart.

Physically smart.

Parenting smart.

Church smart.

Love smart.

He’s got so much going for him and I’m grateful that I get to be with him forever.  Our journey together thus far has been wonderful.  Growing old with my smart man is so exciting to me.


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Diane said...

I kind of like him, too. :) What a fantastic picture of the ferris wheel. It looks better than it did on your phone!

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