Friday, November 4, 2011

gone fishin’…

A few weeks ago, we were able to go fishing at Jeff and Nanette’s home.  (Jeff and Nanette are Ammon’s aunt and uncle)  This was the boys’ first time fishing and they had so much fun!  Gigi and Pap came, as well as the Huff’s.

C360_2011-10-08 13-07-02_org

Pap showed them how to reel it in.

C360_2011-10-08 13-08-25_org

Noah and Griffin were in the sweet spot… As soon as they cast their line, they would get a bite.  I bet Noah caught 30 fish (at least!)

C360_2011-10-08 13-08-51_org

A Spiderman costume was a must.  He even called his cousin, Lathen and asked him to wear his Spiderman costume too.

C360_2011-10-08 13-13-09_org

C360_2011-10-08 13-18-15_org

They were catching them so fast that Ammon didn’t even have enough time to put sunblock on his face before Noah had caught another one.

C360_2011-10-08 13-38-47_org

Look at those shirtless brothers.  They are best friends!

C360_2011-10-08 13-48-46_org

C360_2011-10-08 13-49-43_org

Griffin is all boy.  Who knew a bucket of dirt and worms could make a child so happy?

C360_2011-10-08 13-50-54_org



These are a couple of the fish we kept.  Please excuse the disgusting bloody water.  Gross…


Noah got the hang of it pretty quick and soon, was doing it on his own!


He smiled, Griffin smiled!!  :)


Baby Griffin… who can no longer be considered a baby.


My 3 men.


I was there too!

On another note… I miss my nice camera SO MUCH!  I love that my droid has a decent camera, but oh my goodness, I crave the fantastic shots I could get with my DSLR.  I’m definitely not a pro, but I feel like I’ve been blessed with a good eye for photography.  I guess I should be thankful that I’m documenting these days.  It would be so sad if I had NO pictures.

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Diane said...

Oh Jess...I love these pictures!!! And your writing, too!! Yes, fishing with your kids is awesome. And I'm so glad you got a picture of YOU in there. I always forgot that part. I love Griffin with the bucket of dirt and worms...and the pic of Ammon and Noah and the fish...with Noah smiling his wonderful,huge smile!!
Next time they come here, I want to go fishing, too!

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