Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Raggedy Ann

After Halloween, I bought this wig on clearance.  I thought it would be cute if Ammon and I dressed up as Raggedy Ann & Andy next year.  (I have since found 2 other costumes that we’ll be using instead)  Griffin found this wig tonight and had so much fun wearing it. 

He’s a super fun kid with lots and lots of energy.

More energy than I have, but I try to keep up. 

Since it seems like there’s no daughter in my future, Raggedy Ann will have to do.  :)








2 friends stopped by:

Diane said...

I seriously think this is about the cutest thing EVER!!!! I LOVE the many faces of Griffin. :) (and he makes a lovely little girl)

Diane said...

Me again...I seriously can't pick my favorite. BUT that second one, where he's "playing" with his hair, wow...I laugh every time I look at this post!

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