Friday, August 9, 2013

Our 8th Anniversary

On the day of our anniversary, July 16th, we woke up on a cruise ship!  I was surprised that I didn’t get motion sick.  This was the first time I had taken Bonine and it worked well!  I could feel the motion, but it didn’t make me sick.  I’ve found that there’s not much sleeping on a cruise ship.  On the second night I was so exhausted and I felt a bit more nauseous but was able to overcome.

Anyway.  We disembarked the ship to spend the day on Grand Bahama Island.  Our plan for the morning was to go to a resort and listen to another timeshare presentation.  If we did this, we could gain full access to the resort and its amenities including a private stretch of beach.  We also got free breakfast and lunch, free drinks from the bar (virgin for us), tshirts and free transportation.  It seemed like a no brainer.


While we were at the resort, the skies opened up a few times and dumped a lot of rain.  We didn’t let that ruin our time there and headed out to the beach anyway. 


This place was gorgeous!  The water was so beautiful and the sand was incredibly soft.  Walking in the sand felt like some sort of expensive spa treatment.  We spent as much time on the beach before the storm (pictured above) rolled in.


The locals told us that normally there are no waves and that the ocean is a lot brighter than it was this day.  I’d love to go back sometime when the weather cooperates.

After lunch and drinks, we headed to our snorkel excursion which was at the marketplace.  When we got there, we were told that the weather was too bad and that no boats were going out… :(  That’s what we had feared all day.  Oh well.  We made the best of the situation and spent the rest of the day walking around all the vendors at the marketplace.  It was fun to haggle a bit and pick out a few souvenirs for people we love.  Mostly though, it was fun being with Ammon.  I definitely don’t think our trip was ruined by the weather.  We had a blast together.


Here’s a picture of our ship I took before we boarded again.


While we were waiting for everyone to get back to the ship so we could leave, we happened upon some sort of contest.  I don’t remember the end goal, but during part of it, a few men had to do 3 different muscle poses.  Ammon won that contest, hands down!


I’ve always wanted to have a towel folded into something awesome.  This little buddy was waiting for us when we got back from our day of fun.  :)


Ammon planned for us to go to one of the “fancy” restaurants on board for our special day.  Here we are all dressed up for dinner.


The place we went to was called, “The Rock”.  You order your meat and they bring it to you raw.  They also bring you an 800 degree stone to cook it on.  It was fun!


After dinner, they brought out a small cake for our anniversary.  It was so thoughtful!


After dinner we went back to the stage to watch more shows.  This guy did some pretty amazing things.


Then there was a scavenger hunt where people had to do all sorts of crazy things.  One time the women  had to put on lipstick.  Then they asked for a bald man to come on stage.

Enter Ammon.

Next, the women were told to kiss the bald head.  I love Ammon’s face in this picture.


Then, they asked the same of the men!  Lipstick and then the kiss.  Oh, it was funny.

I had such a wonderful time with that man I chose to marry 8 1/2 years ago.  He always plans fun and romantic ways to celebrate our love.  I’m grateful for the man he is and for the love he shows me every single day.

I wonder how we’ll top this next year!

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The Deckers said...

Love the dress Jess! ( I have the EXACT same one). Great minds and all that jazz.

Jessica said...

How fun that you have the same dress! I love it!

Dely Del said...

I'm full of envy, in a good way,
my wife and I are far from having a life like yours, we are far from home and our carts, but when we love you overcome obstacles and we go on thinking that all you want to do and that you can and for the children, We wish you a happy new year 2018

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