Thursday, August 8, 2013

From Palm Beach to the Bahamas!

We drove from Lake Okeechobee to Palm Beach and attended a timeshare presentation before we boarded the ship.  Because we went to the presentation, we got free breakfast, a little time on the beach, a trip to the marina and then they presented us with our boarding passes.  We also got a free disney vacation.  I’ve never been to disney… anything so I’m excited to plan a trip there soon.


While at the marina we came across this sign.  56 miles to the Bahamas!


I had never been to Florida before and up to this point, this was the farthest south I had been.  Our timeshare rep took this picture of Ammon and I at Palm Beach.  The waves were almost non existent and the sand was full of shells.  It was so different than what we’re used to at Cherry Grove Beach in SC.  The water was also a lot lighter in color than what we’re used to.


We kindly told the timeshare people that we were not interested and once they presented several lower offers and realized we weren’t buying, they handed us our boarding passes and we headed for the ship.  We waited in lines and booked a snorkel excursion for the following day in the Bahamas.  Last month, Ammon had me get scuba certified so that I could go diving if I wanted to.  I decided against diving because it still makes me nervous and opted to snorkel instead.  I figured it would be a good way for me to get used to being in the ocean.  Once we booked our excursion and decided which restaurants we would dine at on the ship, it was time to come aboard.  I took my motion sickness medicine (hooray for bonine!!) and we boarded.   We found our room, unloaded our things and started exploring the ship.  A couple hours later we started our voyage to Grand Bahama Island.  This picture was taken as we were leaving the port.


The first night we ate at one of the 6 restaurants on board.  We enjoyed our 5 course meal and then headed outside before it got dark.


ps.  My husband is a model.  :)



After it got dark, we went back to the showroom for awhile.  This couple did some pretty cool acrobatics.  They also had a Cher impersonator on board and a few stand up comedians.  Before heading off to bed, we decided to go on deck and soak in the hot tub for awhile.  It’s too bad the water was barely warm… I got cold after about 3 minutes and we left.  We went to bed super late and the boat cruised around while we slept.  When we woke up, we were in the Bahamas!

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