Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The best husband EVER!

Ammon is so thoughtful.  Our anniversary is July 16th and this year made 8 years of marriage!  About a year ago, he planned a surprise anniversary trip for our 8th wedding anniversary.  He booked a cruise to the Bahamas, arranged child care for the kids and even had me get a passport.  As I was perusing our finances on (which I NEVER used to do) I came across the cruise purchase and questioned him about it.  I totally blew my surprise.

Oh well…

Ammon asked my sister, Michelle if she would be willing to watch our boys while we were away.  I’ll have to post about all the fun things we/they got to do there.  We drove to Michelle’s house and celebrated our nephew, Tate’s birthday.  We hugged our boys and set off on our adventure.  The first day, we drove to Lake Okeechobee in Florida.  It was so much fun to travel with Ammon.  He’s a much better traveler than Noah and Griffin.  I don’t think he asked, “When are we going to be there?” once.  :)


After we checked into the motel, we went to see the lake before it got dark.


The lake was really beautiful and at this point, we really started to feel like we were on vacation.


As we were leaving the lake, we saw this bird and were able to get really close to him before he flew away.


We headed back to the motel and as we pulled our car in front of our door, our headlights lit up this creepy guy.  He was huge and sitting right in front of our door!  After snapping this picture, Ammon shooed him away and we walked into our first night of the trip.


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