Tuesday, July 8, 2008

He Keeps me Smiling

Noah is a funny dude. Last night, Ammon and I were texturing his new ceiling and we needed to finish before we could come home. Well, this ended up being around 11:00 pm. Noah is a very routine kid and rarely goes to sleep past 9:00. He was so good the whole time and on the way home, I was talking to him and asked him to say, "mama". This little guy is so funny and he thought it would be hilarious to trick me and say, "Daddy!" It was so funny and went a little something like this:

Me: "Noah, can you say Mama?"
Noah: "Daddy!" (followed by uncontrollable laughter)
Me: "No, Ma-ma"
Noah: "Daddy!" (laughing like a crazy man again)

This happened over and over. He's really getting his own personality and loves to make Ammon and I laugh. Another thing he has been doing lately is counting. I guess he's been counting for awhile but it's always been with his own made up numbers. Now if you tell him to count he says, "two, two, two, two, TWO!" haha. I'm so glad that he is mine and I'm excited for his future.

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Beck said...

So funny. Ethnie counts "nine, ten, nine, ten." Or "one, two, nine, ten." Amazing how much they've grown, huh?

Joni said...

Cute! Dang I miss that kid. I can't wait for all of us to get together again.

dubby said...

Allen could count to three. We gave him a cookie and he said "one", another one and he said "two", another and he said "three", then another. He looked at it, shoved it in his mouth, and said "three". What a great age!

Diane said...

Great...just great. I love that little guy so much.

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