Monday, February 23, 2009

No More Plugs

Noah has given up his plugs!  As a baby, he was very attached to these things.  They really helped me get some sleep and they kept Noah happy.  About a year ago, we made the plugs a bedtime thing.  He kept them on or under his pillow and only got them when he was sleeping.  Last week, he bit holes in all 3 of his plugs.  When he complained about them, I told them that they were broken.  I asked him if he wanted to put them in the trash and he said, "yeah".  He dropped them in the trashcan and hasn't had them since!  He asked for them once that day but that was the last we have heard about his plugs.  Yay!  He isn't having trouble falling asleep without it at night but naptimes are a little different.  When I put him down for a nap now, he sings and sings.  Sometimes he falls asleep, sometimes not... Oh well.  At least there is no more stressing about bringing his plugs places, searching the house for an hour to find them in some random drawer or going in his room to give it back to him in the middle of the night.  :)

In other "Noah News" - you might remember me talking about his neck problem last week.  Well, the following day, he still couldn't move his head to the right.  After naptime, he cried and cried.  I could tell he was in a lot of pain.  I called Ammon and we decided to take him to the chiropractor.  Dr. Ray is in our ward and he totally fixed Noah!  He had me sit on the table and then Noah sat on me.  He used his gun thing (what's that called?) and worked along Noah's neck and shoulder for awhile.  Noah was absolutely perfect.  Then he had me lay down on the table and hold Noah on his back.  He took Noah's head in his hands and was so gentle in stretching his neck a bit.  Noah had almost full range of motion back by the end of the appointment and by the next morning, he was 100% better.  Thanks Dr. Ray!!

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