Monday, March 23, 2009

Documenting the Day

Ammon is currently in Minneapolis on a business trip so, the kids and I decided to come visit my parents, Nana and Poppy. We are having a great time but I really miss Ammon. He is so important to me and I don't like being apart. Although I miss him, we are really enjoying ourselves here. We've been keeping very busy. I'll do a long post later. Right now I just wanted to document this day because, Griffin got his first tooth today! The bottom left. He is such a sweet little man and is really growing up so fast. Nana is holding him in the rocking chair right now and they are both sleeping. Awww... I looked over and I saw his head all the way up on her shoulder and his knees are bent with his legs in her lap. Such a big boy. I love him so much.

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The Couey's said...

congrats GRIFFIN!

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