Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Morning

Noah has LOVED Easter this year.  We talked about Jesus and the real reason we celebrate but for now, Easter egg hunts are his favorite part.  He was able to participate in 4 hunts this year(more blog posts to come)  and asks me every single day if we can "go find eggs in the grass".  He likes the "shakers" because he knows they have candy in them.  If they don't make a noise when he shakes them, forget it.  He won't even bother opening them.  The boys got buckets and shovels to use as their baskets this year.  The Easter bunny must have known that we're going to the beach for the 4th of July weekend.  :)  

Griffin got a whole bucket full of foam letters and numbers.

Noah got a fun play-doh picnic set and a bag of musical instruments.

After they looked at their things, I went upstairs to finish getting ready for church.  I could hear them having a good time but I had no idea things were like this!


Noah loves to play with Griffin.

Poor Griffin!

A hug.

And a kiss to make it all better.

Happy Easter!

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Beck said...

Cute! Holidays with kids are so much for fun. :)

Megan Hall said...

How sweet to see Noah hug and kiss Griffin to make things all better. I love kids! Oh by the way that doesn't look like a fun mess to clean up.

Allison said...

Totally adorable! But shows perfectly why our easter bunny boycotted easter grass this year!!

Mommydew said...

It's amazing how big I suddenly realized Noah is...seeing him next to Griffin...wow. I can't wait for July!!!!!!!!!

Diane said...

poor Griffin. Noah loves to pile stuff on him. Like leaves, grass, etc. But the way Noah hugs and kisses him when he gets upset....it is simply precious.
love love love it.

The Couey's said...

how fun!!! poor lil griffin but at least he got a kiss from him brother to make it all better!

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