Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank you Nana & Poppy!

The boys opened their Easter package from Nana and Poppy on Sunday.  As soon as Noah opened the box, he yelled, "Oh goodness!!"

Griffin-man caught a glimpse when Noah wasn't looking.

Noah saw the chocolate Easter bunny  :)

They each got an Easter book.  

Griffin posing for the camera.  He's so kissable!

Noah showing off his chicken-shaped Play-doh holder.

3 friends stopped by:

Diane said...

so cute - makes me want to cry. And Griffin just looks like a big guy sitting there in his Easter tie!!!
thanks for posting this. I loved it!

Jessica said...

No problem, Mom. Thanks again!

gingerpiatt said...

Thanks Jess for posting all the time it makes me feel like I can grow up with your family even when I am not there! Also thanks for giving Will and I such wonderful grandsons!

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