Sunday, April 19, 2009

The joys of being productive

I've mentioned it before... we have made a goal to attend the temple at least once a month this year.  Saturday was the day we scheduled for April.  

Will and Ginger met us there and watched the boys while Ammon and I did a session.  It was wonderful to be in the temple with my husband.

The flowers at the temple were beautiful!  They weren't there when we went last month.  

We gave Pap and Gigi our camera while we were in the temple and it looks like they had a lot of fun!

Apparently there is a train in downtown Apex.  Noah LOVES trains.  He always has.  I can only imagine how happy he was to board this one!

Gigi said that Noah would stick his head into these flowers and say, "I'm hiding" even though his backside was completely visible to the world.  Haha.

Griffin and his Pap.

After the temple, we went out to lunch and then headed up to the farm to do some work on the garden.  I am so grateful that we were able to help out and we look forward to helping out much more this season.  Ammon loves and respects his mom so much.  And I love that about him.

Noah didn't want to ride the tractor.  Playing in the dirt was too much fun!

Noah helped Daddy plant the potatoes.  By the end of it all, we had 32 - 50ft rows.  Plus the orchard and another smaller garden plot that holds the berries!  I can't wait for harvest!!  (3 generations in this picture!)

I'm grateful for this day.  A day that we could spend time doing work in the temple and work in the garden.  I'm grateful that my boys have had and will continue to have these experiences as they grow up.

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Mommydew said...

This post made me so homesick. I am so grateful I have a wonderful sister-in-law that posts regularly. I love seeing my nephews grew up!

Can't wait to see you guys!!!

Cortney said...

How fun! It is such a nice, peaceful, quiet feeling to be in the temple with your hubby!

gingerpiatt said...

I had a blast myself!!

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