Friday, May 15, 2009

I've got 35, do I hear 40?

Noah is so adorable.

Tonight I took the boys to our ward's youth fundraiser.  The young men were having a pancake dinner and the young women were having an auction.  When we got there, Anna (the bishop's daughter) took Griffin and Noah and I went to see what was up for bids.  As soon as we got to the dessert table, he pointed a tupperware full of chocolate cookies and said, "I want that."  I told him that we'd have to bid on it and he seemed ok to let the cookies stay on the table for the time being.  We went and ate our pancakes, all the while Noah reminded me about his cookies.  I reminded him that we had to bid on them and that he would have to wait.  He waited about 3 minutes before bringing it up again... and again.

The first item up for bids was a "wheel" from the bishop.  I was totally confused.  I could not understand why anyone would buy a wheel.  And what kind of wheel was it anyway?  Was he going to come help me the next time I got a flat tire?  Did he just have an extra wheel lying around that he wanted to rid himself of?  Like I said... totally confused.  I asked 2 different people around me what was being auctioned and they both said, a "wheel".  I even asked them why anyone would want that and I could tell they thought I was strange.  It went for $70 and I was still clueless.  Finally it clicked.  A WILL.  The bishop was going to help you write up your WILL.  (He's an attorney)  I realized for the thousandth time that I live in the south.  I love that.

Finally, the cookies were up and Noah recognized them immediately.  He stood up on Gigi's lap, held up his number (12) and started bouncing up and down.  I wish I could have captured that on video.  He was so adorable.  Huge grin on his face.  He just needed to do this one thing before the cookies were his.  I think the bidding started at $5.  The auctioneer looked at Noah and then looked at me and I nodded to let him know that Noah was really bidding.  Brother Rife was bidding against Noah and the amounts kept going up in $5 increments.  Noah was bouncing up and down the whole time and when it got to $25 I shook my head to Gigi and told her I couldn't afford anymore than that.  She kept smiling and didn't say anything to Noah and I knew that meant that she would spot me the rest.  It stopped at $40 and the auctioneer said that Brother Rife had won it.  He must have seen me shake my head.  I'm sure he was just trying to save me from paying more than I wanted to.  There was a little confusion and Gigi said that Noah was in fact still bidding.  Brother Rife immediately told Noah that he could have the cookies because he was eyeing another chocolate dessert on the table.  The tupperware went to Noah and he instantly opened it and started eating.  Gigi went back and tried to settle with Brother Rife and when she came back to her seat, she said that he wouldn't let her pay him.  I went back next and he was not taking any money from me either.  He was so sweet.  He said that he came to spend $200 and he had to spend the money on something.  So, thanks Brother Rife!  You made my son's day!!

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Diane said...

Oh Jessie, how I wish I had been there!!
I am so excited that I have a new "auction partner"!!! That's my grandson! And that is so sweet about Brother Rife.
The thing about the wheel....well, I am still cracking up. I was laughing when you told me on the phone while I was driving home, I was laughing when I came in and put things away, and now I am laughing again reading about it. It reminds me of Aunt Michele's "window seal" story. Ask me about it sometime.
What a fun night! Noah looks like he is in heaven!

Emmy Slusser said...

I LOVE ward activities! So funny about the southern accent! I could NEVER get used to that!
I have a question for you - where did you get the font that is one your blog? The font that all your post headers are in? I am IN LOVE!!!! I print my journals and blogs at the end of the year in a book, and I really would love that font to print in. Thanks, girlie!!

Mommydew said...

I can just see it all playing out, how fun! I love the picture of him and the cookies...he looks a lot like his Daddy!!!

Stephen and Heather O'Pry said...

I just love living in the south and our accents. Geez you act like ya'll don't have accents. Hey ask Michelle what Marsha's oldest son thought last week when I called... you will really get a good laugh. Noah looks so cute, I'm glad that he got the cookies.

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