Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thank you, Grandma!!

Ammon's grandma owns a house in North Myrtle Beach. We were lucky enough to spend some time there last week! We left on Wednesday and got back on Sunday. Oh man... we had a BLAST!! Neither of the kids had been to the beach before so it was so much fun to watch their little greased up faces... I have a lot of pictures to share. I think I'll break this vacation up into a few different posts. Here is the whole gang!

Griffin's First Beach Experience

At first, he hated it.

So he and I sat down and let the waves reach us every once in awhile.

And after a couple minutes of that...

He LOVED it!

Noah's First Beach Experience

Noah was unsure of the beach at first.

But Gigi (and Lathen : ) got him warmed up and as long as you didn't walk him out into the ocean...

He loved it too!

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Diane said...

you captured their experience so well!!!!
what treasure pictures.

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