Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pool Party with Cousins

Cortney is Ammon's cousin-in-law. Her parents have a beautiful home and a beautiful pool. She invited us all over while Joni was in town with her family. This pool really is amazing.

There is a shallow flat place for the little ones to play (bottom left). A hot tub with waterfall (right side). A really cool stone waterslide (top middle-ish). And it's beautifully landscaped too. Anyway, enough about the pool itself. Here are some pictures. Thanks Cortney! We had a blast!

Noah really liked playing in the hot tub. It wasn't heated while we were there so it was perfect for him. I really liked this picture and decided to play around with it a little.

Here it is with a technique called, TTV (Through The Viewfinder). I added a texture, cropped it to a square, played with the color a little bit and added a frame and embellishment. I love it!

What a stud.

In the shallow part, there was a fountain that was oh so much fun. Noah liked to plug it up.

Me and my white babies.

When Griffin was done, he snuggled up to Gigi for awhile. He's adorable. This is another picture that I really liked. Here's what I did with it.

Pretty baby.

This was Griffin's first pool experience. The man is a FISH! He was so excited to be in the water. He kept trying to put his face in. I think he would have sat on the bottom of the pool if we let him. We even put him in one of those baby floats. The kind with the seat and the innertube around him. Well we had to hold it up because he wanted to flip it over and get in the water so badly. Look at that face... that's one happy baby!

Remember the water slide in the first picture? Well, Noah said that he wanted to go down it! Aunt Joni was treading water in the deep end so she could catch him. I took him up and was shocked when he actually went down by himself! He went under for just a second before Joni grabbed him and swam him to the side of the pool. He did great! He said that he didn't like going under but he didn't whine or cry about it. I got out the video camera and asked him to do it again. He said ok. So we went up again but he wouldn't go by himself. :( I had to go down with him. Maybe I'll get that video off the Flip and post it...

Thanks again Cortney!!

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Craignlisa said...

WOW Jess, I love what you do to those pictures. I can only imagine how much time you would spend transforming pictures if you had it. Love it!

Ken said...

The swimming pool looks like something from MTV "Cribs." Very cool! And your little guys are growing so fast...not so little anymore, huh? We miss you all.

Diane said...

Your post is terrific. This place is amazing, made even MORE amazing by your terrific pictures. You really do have a talent. Of course, two of the absolute cutest boys in the entire world make it a little easier. I love the picture of you and your "white boys".
I wish I was in the pool, too.
elephant shoes.

Cortney said...

We're so happy you guys came to swim with us!

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