Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time with my man...

(picture taken during our engagement)

Last Saturday, Ammon and I got to spend the entire day together! We were scheduled to attend the temple and usually Gigi and Pap go down on Friday. They do their session that night, spend the night in a hotel and meet us at the temple at 10am on Saturday. Then they watch the kids while Ammon and I do our session. We eat lunch and then make the drive back home. I am so grateful that they have been willing to do this while I was nursing Griffin. They even did it when I was done nursing Griffin but not ready to leave him for the day. I decided that this month, I was ready to leave my children for the day and it was so nice to just be with my cute husband. Gigi came over at 7:30am so we could get to the temple. Griffin was awake and she waited for Noah to get up, fed them, dressed them, and took them up to the farm. Ammon and I actually got to talk in the car. We went to the temple and didn't worry about rushing out to meet the boys. We stopped at the mall and Target in Winston Salem to do a little window shopping. We were able to walk hand in hand which doesn't happen very often when you have 2 kids. We went out to eat and just ate. No cleaning up messes and making sure everyone was eating all their bites. We just ate... I love spending time with Ammon. He is so good to me and loves me A LOT. I definitely made a good choice when I nodded after he proposed. : )

Thanks again Gigi and Pap. I know the boys had a great time and were well taken care of. I know you love them almost as much as I do and I didn't worry about them at all while we were gone.

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meg said...

i've always loved that picture of you guys. cute post.

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