Thursday, October 8, 2009

One Track Mind

(it looks like Noah has a wicked unibrow in this picture. don't fret. it's just a wrinkle.)

Noah LOVES trains. Plain and simple. I'm not even sure how it all started. I think I found some at a yard sale when he was a baby and it was love at first sight. Since then, I have found multiple train sets at yard sales. He now has a train table (thank you Craigslist!) that keeps all of his trains in one place. No more having to maneuver around twisty tracks and little engines. He plays with his trains every. single. day. He knows their names and what kind of train they are. He knows the names of all the different kinds of freight cars. He is always asking us to talk to his trains like they are part of the family. Often I overhear him talking to his trains and being genuinely interested in what they have to say.

A couple weeks ago while we were up on the farm, a show came on the Discovery Channel that was all about trains. "Monster Machines" I think is what the series was called. Noah watched the entire show and was completely captivated the entire time. This surprised me because the show did not cater to children at all. I got online and checked the listings to see when the show would air again. Gigi and Pap said that they would record it for him. He now asks to watch his "train movie" all the time.

We are lucky enough to live close to Tweetsie Railroad. I've never been but, it seems to be an amusement park devoted to trains. Hello! We're going later this month and Noah talks about it everyday. He keeps asking me to get tickets so he can ride the train. I am so excited to see his reaction when he sees and rides a real train.

More proof of the obsession:

* Everytime we go over railroad tracks, he HAS to look both ways to see if there is a train.
* He is an excellent sharer EXCEPT when it comes to his trains. He can get very posessive.
* He lines up anything to make a train. Fruit snacks, blocks, cars, etc...
* When he finally decided to do his business in the potty, all he wanted was a new train from Wal-Mart.
* One of the only ways we can get him to eat is to do "train bites". He names each bite after one of his trains. The bite then has to go on a journey up the hill and then down before he'll eat it.

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Michelle said...

Great picture, Jess! We HAVE to get Noah and Toby together to play trains. Toby's obsession doesn't look like it is going to ease up anytime soon either.

Diane said...

My two train-obsessed grandsons. I told their great-grandpa Hebdon about them tonight and their passion. He was so happy, you could tell. It is in their blood.
From Chic to Grandpa Hebdon and all through the family. Love these picture! It's super. And I love the descriptions of how he interacts with them....especially that he is genuinely interested in what his trains have to say. How many times while you guys were here did he make a train from those blocks we had in the living room? OR the dominoes. Or his fruit snacks. Love it. Choo-Choo!

Diane said...

(and for anyone else reading my TWO train-obsessed grandsons, I mean Noah and his cousin Toby, who is also 3. And also a lover of all things trains.)

The Katzbox said...

This is magical. I adore this post. My grandson, Clarkie, also adores trains. They must have a magical power over little kids. I love it that he stacks his food like adorable is THAT???

Great post, honey.

Michelle said... the way, we are taking Toby and Tate down to Cordele, GA on the 30th to see the REAL Thomas the Train. Wanna come?

Jessica said...

Um, yeah! I'll call you for details...

Ken said...

Awesome photo, Jessie! Diane must be's in their blood. Ian was also obsessed by trains. From ages 2-8 there was ALWAYS a new train or train accessory to be unwrapped during Christmas and birthdays. His favorite book was Thomas the Tank Engine. We read it to him every night...I can still recite the entire thing by memory!

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