Friday, October 30, 2009

the end of a bad week

This week:

Griffin gave up his morning nap.
Noah gave up naps altogether.
It became apparent that both kids still NEED these naps.
There was constant whining.
Noah spilled wax all over my bookshelf/wall/floor.
Noah colored on 4 walls, the floor and the exersaucer.
Both kids got flu shots and haven't felt good.
I didn't get to go to my friend's Halloween party tonight.
I've had a headache every single day.
I lost my cool a few times.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday! I might let Ammon do everything child related...

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Mommydew said...

Oh Jess, I feel your pain. I just recently had a week (or a couple of weeks) like that. Wish I lived close enough to help..pick the boys up and take them to the park for a bit or something. Hang in there and seriously let Ammon take over for the day!!! Love you!

meg said...

yikes!! and here i am bugging you daily about guys...
here's to a better week!
I love you!

dubby said...

THIS is why you need to live in the little community with mom next door and your siblings all in a circle and a big gym in the middle for Ammon and you go back and forth in golf carts.

dubby said...

That came out wrong. Of COURSE Ammons family too and others you love live there.

Diane said...

awww yes! all of us together to share the pains...and the joys!

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