Friday, February 19, 2010

More Project Life

So, I'm really behind posting my pictures on here... Here are some from a few weeks ago.

Gigi reading to the boys while Griffin waited for his first gymnastics class to start! Gigi, Noah and I cheered him on while Ammon helped him during class. Griffin did GREAT! He's been coming to all of Noah's gymnastics classes and all this poor kid has wanted to do was go out there and join in the fun. In the first night, he learned how to lunge. Every time Ammon would say "lunge" Griffin would immediately put one foot in front of the other. When they were doing their final conditioning/stretching, Griffin was so worn out, he just laid in Ammon's lap. I'm excited to see him progress in this class.

I wore out my last dish sponge. Instead of buying a new one, I decided to crochet a reusable dishrag. I haven't crocheted in a very long time and it was fun to get back into it.

Snow on the deck.

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