Friday, February 19, 2010

Project Life

We finally have use of our LoveSac again! Ammon bought this for me when he was trying to date me. : ) Ha. That boy did anything he could think of to try and win me over. Anyway, it's been stored in the basement until we moved the boys in the same bedroom. Now it's in the playroom and gets used everyday. Church was canceled this particular Sunday due to snow. It was a relaxing day for all.

The first time I made roast beef in the crock pot. It was delicious! And the homemade mashed potatoes... Yum!!

This picture makes my heart smile. He is so amazing.

Noah's been taking swimming lessons and has been hesitant to put his face in the water. He put on a pair of Daddy's goggles in the bathtub one evening and the boy had no fear! We went on the hunt for a good pair of kid goggles and found a winner!

Part of their nighttime ritual. Reading a Curious George story. I love my 3 men.

I bought these adorable rain boots for Noah while we were at Target. He doesn't have snow boots so, I thought these could double as rain and snow boots. I would have bought some for Griffin too but, they didn't have his size. Noah put them on once and complained endlessly that they were "too big". I tried to tell him that's just how rain boots are but, he would have none of that. He hasn't put them on since but Griffin is obsessed! He brings these boots to Ammon or myself ALL THE TIME and wants to wear them. We actually had to hide them it was happening so often.

Griffin loves to play in the snow!! On this day, the snow was starting to melt and Griffin had the best time splashing in the puddles. Noah isn't a fan of the snow. He says it's too cold. He watched us play from the front window. : )

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dubby said...

These are all incredible and could be used in advertising, but Tuesday is even beyond that! What photogenic kids and great pictures!

Jessica said...

Thanks Deb! These pictures are treasure to me.

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