Friday, February 19, 2010

Project Life

Noah took this picture before we left for church. He wasn't pointing it at us so, that's why we're leaning so bad. At least we're in focus. Noah loves taking pictures... I think we'll get him his own camera one of these days.

Both of my babies enjoy the "I Spy" books. They spend lots of time pointing things out to each other.

Ammon grew up with a wood stove and has wanted to put one in this house ever since we bought it 18 months ago. We found a used one in great shape and with the help of Pap, got it installed in our basement. Ammon is thrilled and so am I! I am always ice cold and this has helped a lot!


During playgroup, the boys decorated Valentines cookies. Well, Griffin did more licking than decorating. : )

We stopped by Daddy's truck while he was playing racquetball to give him a Valentine's surprise! The boys made these valentines. Noah made the white one and Griffin made the pink one.

The boys and I went up to Gigi and Pap's house so Gigi and I could make 60 jungle animal cupcakes. The boys were so good! They understood that all the attention couldn't be on them. Here they're watching Wonder Pets, I think. We don't get tv channels so this was a special treat for them!

3 friends stopped by:

The Whitings in Philly said...

I love all your pictures Jess! you look so cute in that first one with Ammon. So do all your pictures come out so great or do you photoshop them some? either way, great results! I feel like a lot of my indoor shots reveal so much clutter in our must keep your house much neater!

meg said...

You, my sister, are gorgeous!

Jessica said...

Hey Jenny! If you notice - most of my indoor shots are closeups. That's intentional. : ) We definitely have lots of clutter most days. I have to open all my photos with photoshop to use the "day" brush so, I usually do a little editing on all my pictures. A lot of the time it's just adjusting "levels" but there are obvious times when I add texture, adjust coloring, play actions, etc. How are you doing on your Project Life?

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