Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stuck in bed...

Not much else to do but watch the olympics and blog.

This past week has been crazy busy for our family. I had New Beginnings on Wednesday which meant a lot of work beforehand. A LOT. The Mutual theme for this year comes from Joshua 1:9. "Be strong and of a good courage". We decided our New Beginnings theme would be "Be strong and of a good courage - It's a jungle out there!" We set out to find anything that could contribute towards our jungle theme. It just so happens that a lady in our ward had a jungle in her attic! Seriously. She had everything we needed! We put a mosquito tent thing up and decorated that with pink and white sheers. She had palm trees and safari outfits. She had stuffed jungle animals as well as wooden ones. She was so generous in letting us use her things. She helped decorate as well as my secretary and her sweet daughter. I had to leave the decorating party early because Griffin needed a nap and he was pretty sick. I came back later that evening (tuesday) and they had done so much work without me! I feel blessed to have friends who give of their time and talent... I needed to be home with my baby and they saw I was in need, and jumped right in to help out. Wednesday came and the program went great! They walked into the jungle and we had really cool jungle music playing - thanks to Ingram. The girls really enjoyed the evening and learned all about the new Personal Progress program. They received their new Personal Progress books and the ribbons that they've earned thus far. They really loved the jungle animal cupcakes Ginger and I made and want to learn how to make them one Mutual evening. So... New Beginnings was a success! During all the stress of getting ready for this event, Griffin was sick. We were certain it was just a cold but it seemed to be getting worse. I called the pediatrician's office on Wednesday morning and they asked if they could call me back. I said that was fine and didn't hear back from them all day. I took it as a sign that Griffin didn't really need to see the doctor and it was just a cold that he would recover from soon. That night was awful. I got home late because I had to clean up from New Beginnings. Ammon had to pack for a trip to Minneapolis. He was leaving at 6am Thursday morning. Griffin couldn't sleep. He hadn't eaten at all this week. I was starting to get worried. Morning came and Ammon left for Minneapolis. The boys woke up and Griffin immediately started screaming. I couldn't comfort my baby. He wanted me to hold him but wanted down at the same time. He was writhing and touching his ears. He was crying like I'd never heard before. We sat on the couch - both of us sobbing. I called the pediatrician again and they asked if they could call me back. I said no. I told them that they said the same thing yesterday and that I never received a call. She tried to argue this point with me and I asked if I could just make an appointment. 9:30. Great. We were there early. I told Noah that he needed to be a big boy and do what Mommy asked. He whined at first but as soon as we got to the doctor's office, he was great. I was really proud of him. As soon as the doctor walked in, I had to fight the tears. I needed her to fix my baby. She listened to his lungs. They were clear. Phew! She looked in his throat. Slightly red. She looked in his right ear. Infected. Left ear. Infected. :( I was grateful for a diagnosis but heartbroken because I hated to see him in so much pain. We got 2 prescriptions and headed to Walgreens. Prescriptions were filled and as soon as we got home, I gave them to Griffin. He napped 4 hours that day! I missed Ammon like crazy while he was gone. He called late Thursday night and I cried to him for 30 minutes about all sorts of stuff. Another sleepless night. Friday I was determined to be happy for my kids but I was starting to feel sick too. We stayed home but I got them bathed and clothed and played WITH them all day. Griffin started eating again - thank goodness. He went 4 days without eating. Ammon got home from his business trip and I felt a sense of relief. Our monthly temple trip was scheduled for next Saturday. Gigi and Pap watch our boys when we go to the temple but they'll probably be in Texas next Saturday because we're getting a new nephew any day now!! Hopefully sooner than later, for Joni's sake. : ) We called Gigi and Pap and asked if they were available on Saturday to watch the boys. They were. We moved our temple appointment up a week and felt great that we didn't have to miss this month's trip. We've gone 14 months in a row! I'd hate to mess up that streak... Gigi came Saturday morning to pick up the boys. I felt horrible but still wanted to go. We went to the temple and then ate at Panera. Yum! I wanted to go to Target because they were having their semi-annual home clearance. I scored some curtains, napkins, and potholders. We also got Griffin some frog rain boots to match Noah's, easter basket fillers, and super hot swim trunks for Ammon. They're adorable. It was fun to spend a little money. We got back up to Gigi and Pap's house and the boys had a wonderful time. Saturday night, no one slept again. Griffin woke up in obvious pain. At first we didn't know what was wrong but through our own diagnostic testing, figured out it was stomach pains. Ammon gave Griffin a father's blessing and I rocked him until he calmed down. I put him in bed and he couldn't fall asleep. Ammon laid with him til 1am. Noah woke up at 4am and woke Griffin up too. We told them it was still nighttime and they went back to sleep until 6am. Noah and I have caught this sinus junk and I feel miserable. The boys and I stayed home from church - which I hated. I had a lot of responsibilities to take care of but there was no way I could go. I sent Ammon with a list of things to do for me. It was our ward conference today. Ammon took great notes and shared those with me when he got home. We sat at the table and I listened to him talk about the different things that he was impressed by at church. I watched him clip my coupons. I've never had to ask him to do that for me. He just does it. Cute. Ammon fed the kids, bathed them, jammed them and got them ready for bed. They're sleeping now. I'm not really sure what the point of this post is... I'm exhausted. And sick. I feel like my blog is all pictures and no words. So there ya go. Some words.

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The Whitings in Philly said...

aww, I hope you (and everyone) feel better soon. I know it is so hard. Last time Dan was gone on business I also got sick and it was the worst...I just laid in bed listening to Nathan crying about whatever and I couldn't find the energy to help him. Dan's leaving again this weekend, so I'm really hoping it goes better (and I'm going to try to plan ahead to get a babysitter one night--for a break). Your NB program sounded awesome. Very creative, and a lot of work! Take care!

Ammon said...

That is one long paragraph.

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