Friday, May 21, 2010

Petting Zoo @ Food Lion...

For our playgroup today, we went to a free petting zoo that was put up in the Food Lion parking lot... Random!

As we were approaching the stalls, Noah covered his nose and said, "Woah!  This place STINKS!"  He has a very sensitive nose.  Just like his mama.

There were lots of animals there.  Monkeys, lemurs, a kangaroo, tiger, baby tiger, snake, ponies, a calf, and a camel.  But the favorite among ALL the kids was, the goats.  I told these 2 (Noah & Peyton) to smile at the camera.  Noah was too fixated on the goat, so Peyton helped move his head in the right direction.

Griffin has no fear.  He was loving these goats.  He picked up feed off the ground and put his hand right up to their mouths.  But that's not the only thing he put up to their mouth...

Yes.  He's kissing the goat.

I think my kids would have stayed here all day.  This particular goat knew exactly where the food was.  As we were getting food out of the dispenser, he was wrapping his head around trying to grab the food out of it.

Griffin and Ammon watching the tiger...

After the petting zoo, we all headed over to the park.

Griffin loved this rocket swing...  I don't know why I call it that.  It doesn't look like a rocket.  Well, whatever it is, he loved it.

A good day.

2 friends stopped by:

The Katzbox said...

Did you say there was a TIGER at the PETTING zoo? Do you live somewhere where they hate children? Did it have its teeth and claws removed? Were each of you cartoon characters for the day?

You take fabulous pictures by the way.

Love you!!!

Kristy said...

Jessie, your boys are precious! Loved reading thru your blog and seeing what your up to! I can't believe how big Griffin is already!

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