Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trains, Trains and more TRAINS!

Back in June (the 12th) Gigi and Pap came with us to the NC Transportation Museum.  That place is LOADED with trains.  Noah and Griffin were super excited to see real trains everywhere.  It was another scorcher of a day but, that's alright.  We had fun anyway.  It was unseasonably hot.  Up near 100 degrees.  

I've been having some trouble with my DSLR in lots of sunlight so a lot of these pictures are over exposed.  I tried to bring it back down a bit when I was editing them.

Same train.  Different angle.  Gosh, I LOVE my little family of boys.

We were able to ride 2 trains that day.  Here are the boys in the passenger train.  They had us in a different car but, the ac went out.  And the windows wouldn't go down.  We were about to ask them to stop the train and let us off.  Yep, the 100 degree weather sounded so nice from the inside of that train. They saw that we were miserable and moved us to a different car.  One that had ac.  Thank goodness.  I can't think of another time I was THAT hot.  Whew!

This was the other train we were able to ride.  A caboose train!  We were in the front of the line so, we got to sit up top.  And the windows worked in this train.  : )

Piatt boys.  So handsome.

We also got to ride a rail car.

Gigi with the boys.  They love her SO much!

What's this thing called?  A switchboard?


Learning the science behind train tracks and wheels.

Thanks for a wonderful day, Gigi and Pap.  We really enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed spending time with you. Our children are extremely spoiled.  They love trains and have been able to ride 4 of them!  Not many 1 and 3 year olds get that opportunity.  Love you!

3 friends stopped by:

Diane said...

this is awesome! Look at Griffin's little sweaty face and head while he's pushing that black train around. He's STILL having a great time!
I love your boys too...all three of them.
Thanks for sharing these, honey.

Michelle said...

Toby and I just looked at these pictures and he said "OH MAN....AWESOME!" Looks like you and the boys had a blast!

Beck said...

That looks so fun!

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